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The first and only Teenage Network in Europe made up, directed and presented by us, teenagers between 11 and 17 years old. No adult nose around: we say and do what we want. An antenna ready to broadcast signals from the world to come.

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Join us!

Become one of us yourself! You can be a speaker, say what you want, choose the music you prefer and a lot of other things that you can’t even imagine right now. If you are between 11 and 17 years old, join us. We’ll provide you everything you need! Right now we are 13020!

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Paris nous arrivons

Dimanche 7 mais à 16h30 on donne rendez-vous en face de l’Hôtel de Ville (la mairie de paris) à chaque personne qui est curieuse ou qui veut en savoir plus sur Radioimmaginaria. Disez-le à tous vos amis et connaissances francaises et suivez nos adventures parisiennes! Salut!

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Il lavoro spiegato dagli adolescenti!

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copertina_sito_teen parade2017-01-01

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We could be right next to you

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We are all over Europe


Piazzale Dante Alighieri 21/A, Castel Guelfo di Bologna


Il 5x1000 a Radioimmaginaria


C'è ancora tempo per donarci il 5x1000! Indica C.F. 90046610375

Our supporters

We owe you everything

Whoever gets close to Radioimmaginaria immediately understands what we are doing here “We are on a mission from the future”.
Dear supporters that ended up in this adventure, please know that we owe you everything. The ability of making every one of us feel important and strategic for a dialogue between you businessmen and businesswomen, important decisions-makers, and us, teenagers that need to enter conciously the real world, combining our two different languages, is not very common. But you guys have it.
Long live our beloved donors and supporters, you’re the coolest. Thank you.

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